March 17, 2010

very cool experimental painting programs

Thanks to Ahmed Aldoori for the link to these cool experimental painting programs by Peter Blaskovic.


Ahmed Aldoori said...

Awesome! The randomization is great. Imagine the possibilities.

scoro said...

Yeah, you got it! Great possibilities.
I'm eager to try a few tests, maybe this weekend. Already made a couple of nice Photoshop brushes painting black on white BG in the Flame painting program.

Stephen Grey said...

Mr. Robertson, I have a question for you.

I'm an older guy, with what has become in the last couple of years a consuming interest in art. I've been studying pretty hard and drawing and painting a lot, surprised that I'm actually making progress. It's the only thing I really enjoy.

I wonder if you have any links to Art Center course syllabi, like lists of assignments and homework schedules. I'm interested more in transport/environment sci fi sorts of paintings similar to "Unique Environments," Vyle, Berkey, all that.

What is the course load? How many sketches and paintings are expected per week?

I want to improve even faster and I'm interested in a hard course of study. I have your entire set of DVDs and I wonder if you can suggest a specific study course using those. I'm willing to put in the effort, I have time, and I have no problem with grinding out the foundational work.

Thanks for your time.

scoro said...


A couple of options for you.

One, Art Center offers a full degree granting education in concept design for the entertainment design industry. In order to take part in this program a portfolio needs to be submitted in order to gain admission. The competition is stiff and once in the courses will consume all of your time.

Two, Art Center at Night offers a good "intro to entertainment design" class that is open to the public and where a lot of the entering students prepare their portfolios.

Three, start with some weekend workshops and other offerings from the Concept Design Academy, to discover more about concept art field, link under tools and resources.

Stephen Grey said...

Thank you. I may explore one of those options, possibly the third-- but I don't live in California. I'm trying to get to the point financially where I can pursue something like that, and at this point I'm learning and preparing a portfolio which is why I'm interested in specific syllabi.

I kind of have the suspicion that I already know what I have to do, but that I just have to throw more pencils at the problem. Funny how many things in life seem to be that way.

Until then I'll just have to get by with all the amazing DVDs that you and others are putting out. I sure wish we'd had material like this when I was working with airbrush back in 1990. The level of skill has improved so dramatically since then. You look at a lot of stuff that seemed amazing back then, even a lot of Hajime Sorayama, and it seems amazingly amateurish compared to what people are putting out today.

I am kind of worried, in fact, that the field is going to become saturated, what with places like Art Center and CDA putting out crops of amazing artists every year.

But at this point, for me, it's more of a matter of having been bitten by the art bug. I haven't been this interested in anything for I don't know how long.

Have a good one!