March 31, 2012

BLAST: Los Angeles shipment arrived!

Los Angeles portion of the BLAST book shipment has arrived! The bulk is still on the way to our east coast warehouse. If you want a copy first I'll be delivering 4 boxes to Art Center when I take Sparth there on Monday, April 2nd for his 1pm presentation in the LA Times Auditorium. DSP will start filling the website pre-orders, including Comic-Con orders beginning the week of April 9th. Be sure to enter this coupon code: BLAST2012 for 40% off your order. Thanks again for all the support.

March 9, 2012

more modo 601 "texture bombing"

Here are a couple of experiments from last night. The two suits with the perforations were created by using the photo I took of a scooter's exhaust. The other was created by using a warped rendering of one of my space ships from the book BLAST.

March 3, 2012

the full LAmUG #3 presentation...

Here's a link to the entire 29 minute presentation I made last night at the LAmUG meeting about how these suits were created in modo.

modo 601 rendering tests

Working with "materials master" Yazan Malkosh of 9b Studios I ran a few modo 601 rendering experiments yesterday for the LA user group meeting last night. Yazan recorded my presentation, so when it is ready I'll post a link to it here on the blog. We were testing out how the new "texture bombing" techniques in modo 601 would work on one of the latest suits. Pretty interesting so far. 601 seamlessly tiles the picture shown onto the chosen mesh. You can then tweak the mapping controls for endless variations of "controlled chaos." Still much, much more to explore with the new refinements to the replicators in 601 and the new particle clouds. Not sure I'll have much time to do it though as work on my other projects will be keeping me very busy over the coming months.

2 more modo 501 replicator suits

I've been busy showing these suits at a user group meeting in San Francisco last week and at the LA modo user group meeting last night at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Both of these suits were done quite awhile ago in modo 501 via the "replicator" method of duplicating geometry across a mesh. Both have have quite a bit of Photoshop work done after the base rendering was done in modo.

BLAST is on the way!

Advance copies of BLAST have just landed here at the studio! Bulk shipment is on the water now, arrival in a few weeks. By the way if you like hard covers then get your pre-order in soon as we did not print that many and we will probably not reprint them, as we will do with the soft covers. Pictured are both the hard and soft covers, hard covers shown with and without the dust jacket. Glossy finish on the soft covers and matte finish plus spot gloss on the hard covers.