March 8, 2010

original Start Your Engines sketches for sale!

I just decided to put some of the original work printed in Start Your Engines up for sale on Ebay. Here are the first three going up for bid. You can enter any of these item numbers to find them on Ebay if you're interested in owning an original sketch.

page 90: item number 320499081465
page 92: item number 320499082476
page 97: item number 320499083102


Tom Scholes said...

Love these. Wish I wasn't broke :S

mindzeye said...

more...more...more...Fantastic Artwork!!!!

scoro said...


Tom, maybe in the future? As I have hundreds of these I'll be selling off over the coming years.

Vladimir Bursać said...

Wonderful drawings! I like your works in this wire-looking phase.
All the best!

scoro said...

Thanks Vladimir.

Well the auction is over and all the sketches have been purchased. Two are heading to New York state and one is off to Hungary! Thanks to those who took part in my first offerings on Ebay. Trying to figure out how best to list more of the sketches now. Stay tuned.

K said...

it would be great to see this blueprint feel incorporated in the finished renderings...somehow. I suppose that would be a new fusion of illustration; that isn't necessarily your intent however.

beautiful work :)