October 27, 2010

DRIVE arrives early!

Part of the bulk shipment of DRIVE arrived this week to Design Studio Press a couple of weeks early. Nice to get one in ahead of schedule! The rest of the bulk shipment going to our east coast warehouse is currently going through customs. We hope to still beat our official release date of November 10th. When the bulk clears customs we will start to fill our website orders. If you want a copy of the book before that, Stuart Ng just left here with a box of softcovers http://www.stuartngbooks.com/ and a box of each soft and hard will be delivered to the Art Center student store later today.

I was to be on my way to Lucca, Italy last night for the great Lucca Comics and Games festival. Unfortunately I've been under the weather this month and my doctor has grounded me so I will not be at the DSP booth this year. In my place I have flown Chirs Ayers, author/artist of "The Daily Zoo 1 & 2" to Italy to take my place at the booth.

DRIVE will be sold there starting this Friday. We had the text translated into Italian and printed as a black and white document to be given away with each book. So, if you happen to be going to Lucca this weekend for the show, I'm sorry I will not see you this year. I plan to be there again next year with another new book or two.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the collectible slipcased version of DRIVE, limited to 250 signed and numbered copies, each personalized with a sketch will be available only through our website starting this Friday.