March 3, 2010

This image is a raw test of motion blur, my own HDR image and the 9b carbon fiber material. Still need to refine it in Photoshop to reduce the faceting as the model is not subdivided. The HDR swap is the interesting part of this test for me. It was created by working in Photoshop on one of the base modo images and then swapping my new image for the base one. The only other light in the scene is an illuminated polygon rectangle over the car. The car is for my upcoming book, DRIVE. To see some of the work-in-progress images click the link under my other websites.


g said...

the design of this car is awesome, i'd buy it :D

Annis Naeem said...

love this render scott!

scoro said...

Thanks guys.
Still needs some tweaks before being book ready.