March 3, 2010

DRIVE, style test 2

Here's another style test I did in Photoshop.


Y-One said...

I love the style, very warm, detailed but not too much, it still suggests something else is happening if we were able to zoom in.
The perspective is very cool too, looks based on a 3D, but still it's mean and agressive.
I've added your blog to my favorites and put a link to it on mine, there's no way the uys who read my blog can't have a look at yours.
Thanks a lot for the amazing work, always inspiring me, for years now!

scoro said...


Thanks a lot for the link.
This style test came from the fact that I have a bunch of 3D test renders of models in progress and I wanted to see if there might be a way to abstract them a bit and add some textures etc. and include them in the book. I'm generally happy with the first pass at it. I might try add some traditional sketching back over the top next.

Vaughan Ling said...

Very cool. What about a vignette of that outline effect? I think it works better in the engine/rear area of the car.

scoro said...

Thanks for the input. Just playing again with these this week. I'll give it a try to vary the line work. It could use a bit more of a focal point.