June 20, 2011

2 more extras

Here's a couple more extras not finding their way into the book.

BLAST double page 1

This double page spread for BLAST is almost done. Still have a few tweaks to do to the red ship and the one in the upper right. BLAST will be 9' x 11", the same format and size as DRIVE.

ship sketch

Been awhile since I've posted a new image. Here is a quick 3D sketch that's not going to make the cut into our next book "BLAST" at least at this point. Annis, Danny and I are all hard at work to wrap up the new spaceship art by August 1st.

June 6, 2011

Toronto book signing.

I'll be doing a book signing in Toronto, Canada this Thursday evening the 9th at The Labyrinth. Swing by, say hello and let me do a sketch in your book!