March 19, 2010

Retro Aero

This one is not making the cut for the book, so I thought it could live on here. I have finished my rough compiling of the book and it is going to be 176 pages! 32 more than Start Your Engines and Lift Off, each at 144 pages. Now the next big push will be to tweak and tweak until each spread is the best it can be.


Gulzar said...

I simply love it! I love the curves and the smooth metallic feel to it!
You make it appear so easy but its not we all know that...

Thank you for all the inspiration.
Warm wishes


Hi Scott! Brilliant as always.

Ive been a great fan of your art from so many years. Learned a lot .. a LOT from your work and your DVDs. I can not tell you how much I respect you. Just wanna say thanks to you. Really thanks for bringing your art in front of us and make us better.

Justin Owens said...

I really like that design, it looks like a car fused with a tank, reminiscent of the troop transport from Aliens.

I've been a follower of your work for a while now and I really appreciate that you're sharing these small steps as you put together this book.

I'm curious why this particular design didn't make it into the book. Is it not one of your favorites or were there not enough in the same vein to warrant having it in the book?

scoro said...

Thanks I might finish up this sketch sometime.
I still like the concept.

Thanks, glad you have found the DVDs and books helpful over the years. I hope to be able to bring more to help advance the craft in the future. Release of DRIVE being the next step.

I just finished my rough cut of all the work have done so far and the page count was coming in in the 190s. This would make the book too expensive. So I needed to start editing down. I have left out a huge number of motorcycle sketches altogether and there were a few one-off sketches like this one that seemed to be a bit out of the theme of the chapter I had it in, so it is out. I now have the book down to 176 pages so it can retail for $34.95.