January 24, 2013

footwear digital sketches

I just recently turned my design attention towards designing footwear and here are 20 teaser examples of my quick "upper" sketches. These are of course developed with different tools than traditional media sketches but due to the speed I can generate them and the often loose gestural nature they end up having they are technically just sketches even though they are photo-real. Used as a means to stimulate new aesthetic directions I think the are pretty fun. So fun in fact that I did 700+ of them last week.

January 16, 2013

Recent Instagraming...

Here's what's been going on on my Instagram account over the last few weeks. You can follow me there as scoro5.

January 8, 2013

New You Tube channel content.

By the way I've been updating my You Tube channel with lots of lectures and tutorials. I'm going to try to continue posting something each week, usually on Fridays. Check out the latest here.

Environment Sketching step-by-step

Working on a step-by-step environment sketching demo for the "How to" books.