March 7, 2010

big blog update 2010

As you might have noticed, if you have been to my blog in the past, there have finally been some updates! Links galore have been added. I've had all the links to the right bookmarked forever but never got around to adding them to the blog. I'm making some time now to gather them from various machines and add them here. I've still got more to come over the next few weeks before I get them all up. 

To that point now that I've made a commitment to keep this blog updated if you would like to reciprocate the link back here that would be great and I'll try my best to keep my content link-worthy!


MDuerr said...

Hi Scott,

I really like you blog with all those nice renderings/illustrations/painting. I also like the way you present your designs in environments. Here you can't hide your father's influence. :-;
I like the alien portraits too, because they have so much personality I often miss with all those numberless creatures found on the web. Cudos



scoro said...

Thanks Martin,
I enjoy dropping my vehicles into environments. I think it helps with the context and helps give them a sense of purpose even though adding the environments is not really a needed part of the image when presenting strictly the design of the vehicle, so I usually just do these as added images to the presentation of a design study.

I've had a lot of fun expanding my skills into the figurative alien work over the last couple of years, glad you enjoyed them as well.

Thanks for commenting.

cris said...

You can count me in....amazing work!!! I've just bought the Skillful Huntsman...damn...I wish I've had a mentor like you!!!

scoro said...

Thanks Cris,
SH is still one of my favorites that we have done so far. New killer stuff on the way though!

DSNG Artist said...

Hey Scott, I just found your blog today. Man, your stuff is phenomenal. I'm a comic artist, so the style I'm used to studying/seeing is a bit more "light", in terms of depth and details. But your bots and autos blew me away; it’s on a whole new level.
Trying to upgrade my coloring skills, so I'll start studying your work. I've added a link to your cool Blog on mine, within the rightward listing titled "Web sites You Should Check Out".
Please I hope you can do the same for me, when you get a minute.
Keep up the Great Work!
[aka DSNG Artist]