October 18, 2011

modo replicator suits

Here are a few more modo "replicator" suit experiments. This is what they look like straight out of modo before doing the Photoshop paint overs. Controlled algorithmic chaos rules!


Unknown said...

Hello Scott, Carlos, from the red engine wortkshop, just to say yo thanks for the speech and excellent masterclass. Good work here with replicators, I would like to testing out this . Greetings, CCP85

scoro said...

Thanks Carlos, go for it!
modo replicators are tons of fun.

xmnr0x23 said...

Very nice and inspiring technique! Thanks for sharing. It made me lose sleep today, hehe.

You might feel like checking out these Blender scripts created by Macouno: Entoforms and a spinoff project called Shipwright. Nice tool that can be used to block shapes and get the creative juices flowing.


I'm a Modo user myself and I made the Geo Kit to assist in making matte paintings. In order to make that, I had to pick up python coding and I hope to write something similar to Shipwright.

But you probably have some connections over at Luxology, and might be able convince the right people to port it over to Modo?