October 4, 2011

workshop promo

Here's a little look at some of the types of things I'll be sharing this weekend at my workshop.


Mark Button Design said...

rather off subject but will you be selling any more designs on ebay? I have 5 empty frames with your name on them!

scoro said...

Hi Mark,
Hmm, yeah maybe in November after I get back from Lucca Comics and Games show in Italy.
Thanks for the interest.

John said...

Hi Scott, will you ever do any workshops in the UK?


scoro said...

Hey John,

Yeah I should try and schedule one.
If I do it will most likely be just before or after the Lucca Comics and Games show I attend each year in Lucca Italy at the end of October. So maybe next year around that time could be a possibility.

Where would be the best location for it?


John said...

That's kool Scott I would def sign up.

As for locations/venues not too sure as there's too many, maybe somewhere popular like NEC centre in Birmingham, TUC congress in London or Royal National Hotel which has been hosting London's monthly sci-fi/ comicbook mart for the past 25 years.

I'll ask around on forums to see other places people might suggest.


Nick Abrams said...

I know a lot of guys doing product/automotive design would love this!

I'm at Coventry University and would be very surprised if under 100 students from here would be willing to pay a fair amount to see you at work!

Loving the updates,


scoro said...

Thanks John.

Nick, I'm thinking of doing a few workshops in the UK next fall after I finish my educational book this winter. Hit me up on Facebook to stay up to date on if I can make it happen or not.