February 17, 2011

next wave of work for sale on Ebay

Hi All,
Thanks to those of you who placed a bid on the first round of work for sale on Ebay this year. All six pieces sold and they just left today for new homes in the UK, California, Ohio and Florida! Here are the next bunch of sketches for sale. I'm going to try and get in the habit of posting new items each week for sale on Ebay on Thursdays or Fridays for 7 day auctions. If there is a specific piece you are interested in buying from one of my books let me know or make me an offer. Here is the link to this week's auction, click here.


Mariusz Kornatka said...

Fantastic sketches

Domas said...

simply love your work!! Your truly an inspiration for me, i'm an concept/graphic designer myself and this is pure motivation to get beter, thank you for posting and share this with us all :)

Daniel said...

What do the little number notations refer to on your car drawings?

scoro said...


The numbers are the degree of the ellipses for the wheels. I do this so if I do an overlay of the sketch to make a nicer drawing I already know which guide to pick up.


Unknown said...

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