February 2, 2011

First 6 for Ebay

Here are the first six originals I have chosen to put up for sale on Ebay. As you can see the range is all over the place, an old pirate ship done with markers and black and white gouache, a funky retro sports car done with wax pencil and chalk, pen sketches for the other cars, wax pencil for the airplane and a bunch of hovercraft done with ballpoint and gouache. Most of these have shown up in various DSP books. I'll get the Ebay page set up over the weekend. Until then consider this your advance peek!

Drawings now on Ebay!
Click here to bid: Robertson sketches on Ebay.



L* said...

Hi Master,
I wish know the ebay's adress please :)

L* said...

...My compliments for your works, very Extraordinary!

scoro said...

Black Morgan,
Thanks. I'll post the link to the Ebay page on this blog this weekend after I get them onto Ebay. Not enough time to do it today.

Car Guy in Palouse said...

Very cool Scott! Thanks for making those available!!

Your friends at D8,

Mike Milano