September 15, 2010

another bot sketch WIP

Here's another color sketch WIP.
It's painted over the quick brush pen sketch on the middle page of the previous post.



what to say,coz uer all work is beyond,and the way u render is like photo realistic..big FAN of uers and i regularly chek uer blog learn from ,,tahnx for the post ,,,

Daniel said...

Aw man Scott, now I'm all excited again, and we're still waiting for Drive!

Annis Naeem said...

looks great, Scott! Very cool updates. Looks like canada's + drawing is working out perfectly!
Can't wait to see more.

scoro said...

Thanks all,
Yeah very focused time up here. Haven't had this much time to devote to fun sketching and painting for a long, long time. Enjoying it!

DRIVE is getting very close. Should have books to the studio/Art Center before end of October...ahead of schedule.

Hashimi Walima said...

Weather seems harsh in this painting. doesn't this vehicle come in a version with a glass dome over the cockpit?

scoro said...

HA, that would be nice!
But alas no, this poor guy could only afford the base model and it looks like he has been caught out by some bad weather on top of it all.