September 15, 2010

bot sketches

Here are some warm-up bot sketches from my sketch book.
Media: marker, ballpoint and brush pens.


Matteo a.k.a. madmatt said...

Extra Cool!!! I love how you can switch between cars/other stuff...


Sparth said...

very sweet clean stuff scott. lots of great designs. page 1 is my fav. erm wait, actually all of them!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sparth....ALL OF THEM!!! Fantastic Scooter!!

scoro said...

Thanks All,
Hoping to jump into sketching some biped bots tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


it's starcraft 2 ???,super dessin, photoshop or painter ? génial!

voici mon blog painter:

mais je suis débutant !


scoro said...

Hi Denis,

These sketches are pen and marker and all the color work was done in Photoshop.