June 17, 2013

FREE Tutorial Fridays...now number 38 + new book + Taiwan workshops

I've been swamped finishing the "How to Draw" book and so my blog has had no updates for far too long. As well as finishing the book I've been posting one FREE tutorial every Friday to my You Tube channel, check it out and help spread the word. Heading out to Asia for the next 3 weeks this Friday. I'll be hosting and teaching a series of workshops in Taiwan under the SRW-Asia brand. Come see us there if you are near there.

Back to work on the book!


Asa said...
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Asa said...

Pre-ordered all three books and can't wait!

Rolf Bertz said...

seems that i have to wait for the book, it looks like that it is already sold out in germanys amazon^^.
by the way I totaly love your free tutorial friday!
the modo stuff really pushed me forward.

Andrew Dowell said...

Fantastic, I'm currently living in Taiwan and am now really looking forward to the workshops. Your free tutorial Friday, YouTube channel and design books are a great source of inspiration! Thank you

bbshrmn said...

just pre purchased the book!

can you do a video on how to get the view that you want. i know it may seem silly, but i am quite good with the perspective, thanks to your gnomon videos, but i dont really understand the science of how the guidelines dictate the view of the drawing. i would like to really understand how to get exactly the view and distance that i desire. it would also help me in spinning a shape around with control for instance. in the book? vid please!!

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