January 24, 2013

footwear digital sketches

I just recently turned my design attention towards designing footwear and here are 20 teaser examples of my quick "upper" sketches. These are of course developed with different tools than traditional media sketches but due to the speed I can generate them and the often loose gestural nature they end up having they are technically just sketches even though they are photo-real. Used as a means to stimulate new aesthetic directions I think the are pretty fun. So fun in fact that I did 700+ of them last week.


en_b said...

really great post.
super cool project.

Anonymous said...

Any Chance of you doing a tutorial on your process for doing 700+ photo realistic sketches in a short time?
What programs were used in this process?

AzamEskandari said...

Wow, Great post, I like it
so perfect ...

Unknown said...

Just saw your presentation on this at 3D PDX yesterday. Such an incredible workflow. Your order of operation is mindblowing.

Anonymous said...

sad!, I was not made aware of your stop at Ai Portland until it was too late. Any chance you will do a free tutorial friday on your shoe design workflow?

Widhia Artha Putra said...

design is not cool,,, but have a strong surface

iDesigniBuy said...

good blog about digital shoe sketches.. I had been working on shoe design tool to make one for myself

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Stanley Montgomery said...

Men would like this design of shoes.