January 6, 2012

7 Red Engine lecture clips

Just added 7 clips to my You Tube Channel from my eight, 90 minute lectures last fall at Red Engine Studios.


Unknown said...

Thanks Scott. These clips make me wish i was there.

Any chance of revealing what is written under the headings on Clip #1 and the book list you mention later.


Keith VanZant said...

Thanks! Yes can we get a little bit of that book list?

scoro said...

Charlie and Keith,

Just posted the book list.

PP said...

thank you for uploading your vids.. many of us can't attend your classes in person and this is our only way to learn from the master :)

JP said...

I was signed up for this workshop but couldn't make it. So glad to see you taped it. Is there any way to get a copy or a view of the entire workshop?