April 23, 2011

modo modcast

Here is a link to a phone interview I did yesterday with Brad Peebler the president of Luxology who make modo, the 3D program I used alot in the making of the art for DRIVE. http://www.luxology.com/community/ click on the "modcast" to listen.


John said...

Nice interview Scott.

About the book you mentioned your working on, will it be like a design sketching instruction book similar to the hot wheels one or like the lessons you taught in your gnomon dvds? If so that will be kool as I still think many of us Designers still prefer to see the basic/fundamental sketching stuff over the final renderings.

I have all your books and looking forward to the spacecraft title you're working on.

Take Care,

Mathias said...

It's been a while since I heard one of Brads modcasts, but this one was definitely worth it! I'm really looking forward to the IPad instructional content. I agree, that it's the perfect medium for what you have in mind.
I'm also looking forward to the spacecraft book :D

scoro said...

Thanks John,
I'm hoping to get started on the educational book mid August and get it done in 4 months.

Thanks Mathias,
I need to get focused on the ipad ideas soon.
Spaceship book is coming along well.