March 21, 2011

4 new pages on eBay

Here are the 4 latest offerings on eBay.


Jparked said...

Any chance I can guy a whole sketch book Scott? hehe

scoro said...

Sure if you would like to trade me your car.

Patrick Leyendecker said...

i finaly found your blog, after reading your book this is now the chance to see new sketchwork from you. i´m a big fan of your work. sending you greetings.

scoro said...

Thanks Patrick.
I'll try and post some very new work soon.

Domas said...

Hey Scott,

I was fallowing your work for a while now so i decited to post a message just to say that very interesting designs and ideas as well. Love your line work, very educational :) And gotta give you props for your way off hustle. Not everyday you find an designer whom is that creative in design aspect but in business as well :) Amazing work+savvy grind equal success on both levels