January 26, 2011

bot WIP

As you might have been able to deduce by my lack of posts since mid November that I've been working on several freelance jobs I cannot talk about, hence the lack of personal work to share here. I found this one floating around waiting to be finished for the robot book I'll be doing with Ben Mauro and John and Daniel Park.

That's it for now...back to the freelance work.

A special thanks to all of you who have picked up a copy of DRIVE so far. You are very directly helping to make similar books like that one happen again in the future. Most appreciated!


Matteo a.k.a. madmatt said...

Thanks to You Scott--->


Joe Gloria said...

Wow! Volumes and lighting are really great.
Your design work is excellent and surprising ... As usual.

citrusfrukt said...

Just can't get enough of your designs.

Drive is simply amazing btw and i am really looking forward to see more books from you. Think i have most of the design studio press library now, lol.

Danny Gardner said...

You should put a little girl in the cockpit and title this one: "Daddy, I wanna Poney!"

Mark said...

Drive is one of the best artbooks I picked up recently, and I will be getting your robot one when it comes out too. Very inspiring work.