November 10, 2010

DRIVE stalled!

I was enthusiastic to report that DRIVE had arrived early, which it did, but now I'm sad to report that customs has placed the warehouse shipment on examination hold, where it has been for the past 3 weeks on the east coast!

At this time, you may only purchase a limited number of copies at the following west coast locations: Hennessey and Ingalls, Swain’s, Autobooks-Aerobooks, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Nucleus, Art Center College of Design Bookstore and Stuart Ng.
I look forward to updating you with a post that the books are available to order/purchase everywhere soon...


Miguel Lopez said...

I'll make sure to check back---this book completes me!

K said...

Is it coming in from China? I'm interested because I'm considering publishing some books in China but it would be a disaster if the books were held on the dock for any length of time.

Christophe said...

Amazon France has also the book listed.
Any idea when it could be available in Europe (I don't know if Amzon France imports directly from Amazon USA...)

Scarlet said...

Beautiful stuff Scott!
Looking forward to the book.