July 16, 2010

4 more DRIVE spreads complete!

Just finished the text yesterday and now we are in the home stretch!
Since there are only 4 more days left before I share a look at the entire book at Comic Con next Wed. night at the DSP booth, I thought I would post a few more spreads here now. There was some nice Photoshop work done by Danny and Annis on these renderings.


Jason Scheier said...

gorgeous work scott! D:

Paulo Encarnação said...

Fantastic stuff, especially the first two, inspiring stuff!
Really can't wait to put my hands on this book :)

Billy Wimblett said...

Ah man even more stuff? This is too much haha :)

concept ships said...

Amazing amount of work... So nice!

Carsten G. Nielsen said...

Hi Scott

Nice cars!!

Which program did you use to make the red car?

scoro said...

Thanks all.
I've been using modo to do my 3D work with a heavy dose of Photoshop after that.

daft said...

Hi scott

i'm vehicle designer.

i know and follow your job since 2003 and i got to say that's really impressive! check my blog if you got time.

Carsten G. Nielsen said...

Hi Scott,

Do still you have a sketch for the red car, and could you post it?

Please, please please ;-)

A HUGE fan.