September 4, 2010

bot charge

Here's a little running bot for today's update.


Lorin said...

Excellent composition, Scott! Very visceral. That looks like it could belong on NuthinButMech! ;)

Inspiring as usual.


scoro said...

Hi Lorin!
For sure. I tried to post it but could not remember how to sign in to do it. Please feel free to grab it an post it for me.
Hope all is well.
Drop me an email of how to post again....more mechs on the way!

Mariusz Kornatka said...


All the best,

Jared Shear said...

Beauty...that bit of yellow works nice, as well as all the debris getting kicked up by the bots. Looking forward to those spaceships!

Jparked said...

fab!!! its on now.

Jon McCoy said...

Hey Scott, great to see a blog from you!
Really liking the atmospherics and lighting in this image. Cant wait for DRIVE.

JM said...

I like your style.

scoro said...

Jon M.,
Thanks. The book is looking good so far. I hope to have some for a lecture at CCS on September 30th.


Oh be careful...the rust is coming off!